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Finished Walnut

modular shelves & accessories

More Than Record Storage

Our Finished Walnut shelves, tops and accessories are distinctive storage for music/movie collections as well as stylish modular furniture adaptable for myriad other uses. Every module is meticulously handcrafted from Maryland grown, furniture-grade walnut with clear satin lacquer finish. Finished Walnut is a beautiful, richly toned dark wood with more consistent coloring than Ambrosia maple.

LP Module Options

Each walnut LP module holds +/- 150 standard albums. Our interlocking construction allows them to stack freestanding up to six high. Taller stacks may need to have their top shelf anchored to a wall. We offer three module styles for LP storage:

WALNUT HEIRLOOM LP MODULES are premium shelves for vinyl storage. These modules feature a 3/4" solid furniture-grade oak bottoms that support any record size and offer myriad other functional storage possibilities.

WALNUT ELEGANZA LP MODULES are designed to enhance interior decor. These LP modules include a flush inset base inlay in beautifully contrasting Blond and Black finishes. Also available with matching flush top inlay.

Media Shelves & Pass-Thru Modules

We offer Media Shelf Modules in two identical height versions:

2-TIER MEDIA SHELF MODULES are for 7" records and all other standard optical media including Blu-Rays, DVDs, SACDs, PlayStation, xBox, and PC game discs. Each module holds +/- 220 45s, 100 BluRays, or 82 DVDs.

3-TIER MEDIA SHELF MODULES for CDs each hold 177 standard discs.

We offer Pass-Thru Modules in two different height versions:

9" PASS-THRU MODULES are 10½" tall, 4" shorter than LP shelves. They can be used with Tops and Bases to create 24"- 38" tall Side Tables or intermixed with full-height modules for more variations. Within stacks of shelves, these modules can create a handy place to keep accessories and are large enough to hold most standard-size components.

13" PASS-THRU MODULES are 14½" tall, the same height as our LP modules. They can be used to create taller Side Tables and nicely accommodate a stack of old and treasured electronics. These modules are high enough to accommodate our 2" or 4" Vibration Control Kits for a phono pre-amp or integrated amp when mounting a turntable on top of LP shelves.

Tops, Bases & Accessories

We offer add-on Top and Base modules that can transform stacks of LPs and CDs into attractive and functional furniture. Use these options to upgrade any stack of shelves into a small table, handsome shelving, or rolling cart:

FITTED TOPS only increase height by 3/4" and are significantly more rigid when mounting a turntable or other component on top of stacked shelves.

DOUBLE WIDE FITTED TOPS interlock two stacks of shelves seamlessly with an attractive and functional furniture grade, solid wood top surface.

PEDESTAL TOPS offer a slightly larger surface area and add about 3¼" height to any stack. Pair with a Toe-Kick Base to create handsome varying height Side Tables and free standing shelves for storage and display.

TOE-KICK BASES are for stationary stacks. They interlock with any LP or Pass-Thru module and back-to-back Media Shelves. They raise the lowest shelf about 2½" off the floor.

CASTER BASES are rated to carry up to 660 lbs, 50% more than the full weight of six loaded record shelves. Easy and convenient to move on either carpeted or bare floors, this base raises the bottom shelf by 4¼".

MEDIA SHELF BASES raise the lowest shelf about 1½" off the floor. The bevelled front of the base extends forward slightly to improve stability for taller stacks mounted on plush carpet.

We offer optional accessories intended to enhance the convenience and functionality of our modular furniture:

RECORD STOPS support records in partially filled shelves and fit all of our LP modules.

SHELF INSERTS adapt our LP shelves to store CDs, Blu-Rays or other types of display and storage.

• OVERLAYS are a ready-to-use, solid bottom plate that can be easily added to standard LP modules. Available with walnut stain, satin black lacquer, or unfinished.

• INLAYS are flush tops and bottoms for our Elegaza LP modules. They are smaller than Overlays and do not fit standard LP shelves.

Click on a module below for more info or click here to view all options and pricing

Walnut Heirloom 2 Modules With Satin Lacquer Finish

Premium storage shelves with 3/4" solid parquet walnut bottoms & optional solid parquet top

Walnut Heirloom XL Modules With Satin Lacquer Finish

A taller version of our Heirloom 2 shelves, XL modules are sized for items up to 17" tall

Walnut Eleganza LP Modules With Blond Inlays

Designed to enhance decor, these shelves include a flush inset base inlay and optional top inlay.

Walnut Eleganza LP Modules With Satin Black Inlays

Designed to enhance decor, these shelves include a flush inset base inlay and optional top inlay.

Finished Walnut 2-Tier Media Shelf Modules

Holds 7" vinyl, Blu-rays, DVDs, et al. Each module has two rows of storage with 8-1/2" vertical clearance.

Finished Walnut 3-Tier Media Shelf Modules

Holds CDs, cassettes & 8-Tracks. Each module has three rows of storage with 5-1/2" vertical clearance.

Finished Walnut 9" Pass Thru Modules

Solid bottom shelves with open back, handy for displays or accessories--or for mounting system components

Finished Walnut 13" Pass Thru Modules

Taller solid bottom shelves with open back, for displays or accessories--or for mounting system components

Finished Walnut Fitted Top Modules

An elegant 3/4" solid wood top for any stack. Fits LP, Pass-Thru & back-to-back Media Shelves.

Finished Walnut Double Wide Fitted Top Modules

A long 3/4" solid wood top for two side-by-side stacks. Fits LP, Pass-Thru & back-to-back Media Shelves.

Finished Walnut Pedestal Top Modules

Adds about 3" height & slightly more surface area. Create free standing side tables & shelves.

Finished Walnut Toe Kick Base Modules

Raises shelves 2-1/2"; Inset or Full Width options to enhance freestanding stacks or continuous shelving.

Finished Walnut Caster Base Module

Handsome, solidly constructed caster bases easily move and support 6 full LP shelves; rated for 660 lbs.

Finished Walnut Shelf Inserts

Use this accessory to adapt LP shelves for CDs, Blu-Rays, or other types of display and storage.

Finished Walnut Stops

Supports records & books in partially filled shelves; fits all of our LP modules.