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Unfinished Oak

modular shelves & accessories

Unfinished Oak LP Modules

These modules are handcrafted from locally grown oak, sanded smooth without lacquer or sealer. Unfinished shelves and accessories are ready for DIY staining and finishing, or can be used as is.

Each Unfinished Oak LP module holds +/- 150 standard albums. Interlocking construction allows modules to stack freestanding up to six high. Taller stacks may need to have their top shelf anchored to a wall. We offer two unfinished LP storage options:

UNFINISHED OAK LP MODULES are our least expensive LP storage shelf.

UNFINISHED OAK LP MODULES WITH OVERLAY include a 1/4" slide-in Baltic birch bottom plate to accommodate smaller-than-LP-size vinyl and for other types of general storage.

(Oak Eleganza and Heirloom LP modules are not offered unfinished.)

Unfinished Oak Media Shelf Modules

We offer Media Shelf modules in two identical height versions:

3-TIER UNFINISHED OAK MEDIA SHELF MODULES for CDs each hold 177 standard discs.

2-TIER UNFINISHED OAK MEDIA SHELF MODULES are for 7" records and all other standard optical media including Blu-Rays, DVDs, SACDs, PlayStation, xBox, and PC game discs. Each module holds +/- 220 45s, 100 BluRays, or 82 DVDs.

Unfinished Oak Tops, Bases & Accessories

We offer a limited selection of Unfinished Oak accessories; more are available pre-finished. Use the following solid Top and Base options to transform any stack of shelves into a low table, handsome shelving, or rolling cart:

UNFINISHED OAK FITTED TOPS only increase height by 3/4" and are significantly more rigid when mounting a turntable or other component on top of LP shelves.

UNFINISHED OAK TOE-KICK BASES are for stationary stacks. They interlock with any LP or Pass-Thru module and back-to-back Media Shelves. They raise the lowest shelf about 2-1/2" off the floor and make stacks look nicer.

UNFINISHED OAK CASTER BASES are rated to carry up to 660 lbs, 50% more than the full weight of six loaded record shelves. Easy and convenient to move on either carpeted or bare floors, this base raises the bottom shelf by 4 1/4". Provides easy access when storage space is tight—or roll your favorites out to the turntable.

UNFINISHED OAK MEDIA SHELF BASES raise the lowest shelf about 1-1/2" off the floor. The bevelled front of the base extends 1-1/2" forward to improve stability for taller stacks mounted on plush carpet.

UNFINISHED BALTIC BIRCH OVERLAYS are a slide-in solid bottom plate that can be easily added to unfinished LP modules to help on sliding records in and out. Provided without sealer. Use as is or ready for DIY staining and finishing.

Choosing Between Unfinished and Finished Oak

Our unfinished oak modules are the same furniture grade wood and construction as our pre-finished shelves. The 3/4" thick oak is sanded smooth and provided without sealer. Unfinished modules can be used as is or are ready for DIY finishing. If you want our cheapest options, prefer the aesthetic of bare wood, or want to apply a specialty finish, unfinished oak modules will be your best choice.

If you want shelving units that are handsome finished furniture and think you'll save money applying a clear finish yourself, it doesn't work out this way for many customers. Unless you already have the necessary wood finishing supplies, their cost will significantly mitigate the difference in price between our comparable unfinished and finished oak modules. The time and labor necessary to create a furniture grade finish is another important consideration for those who are not woodworking hobbyists. We've spoken to quite a few customers who underestimated the cost, know-how, and elbow grease needed to create a furniture-quality finish and regretted not having ordered modules that were pre-finished by our Amish craftsmen.

For customers with minimal wood-working experience, we hope these insights are helpful in deciding between unfinished or pre-finished modules.

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Unfinished Oak LP Module

Each holds 150 LPs, stack up to six high

Unfinished Oak LP Module

with Bottom Overlay

2-Tier Unfinished Oak Media Shelf

Holds 45s, Blu-Rays, DVDs & more

3-Tier Unfinished Oak Media Shelf

Holds CDs, cassettes & 8 Tracks

Unfinished Oak Toe Kick Base

Raises stacks about 2-1/2" off the floor

Unfinished Oak Caster Base

Discrete casters rated for 660 lbs.