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Modular Furniture For Music & Movies

Our Amish-crafted, interlocking furniture offers unmatched elegance and features for organizing your collection.

Integrated Storage For All Forms of Music & Movies

Our Music & Movie Shelves are thoughtfully designed to provide attractive, interlocking modules that can store all formats: 7", 10" and 12" vinyl, all movie, game and music disc media, cassettes, 8-tracks, open reel tapes, VHS, Laser Discs and Edison Cylinders -- not to mention providing flexible space for non-music related storage or display. Paired with our rolling caster bases and other accessories, our Interlocking Shelves allow collectors to organize and personalize their collections with convenience unmatched by any other means of storage.

The Look Of Great Quality

Handcrafted by the same Amish family that makes our rock-solid SAMSON racks, our shelving uses top grade solid 3/4" oak or Ambrosia maple. Crist and Uri meticulously and precisely fabricate the components using no staples, cardboard, plastic, or MDF. Once assembled, the remarkable quality of the wood and the workmanship is obvious at first glance. Either finished or unfinished, our modular shelves exude the lovely grain and solid quality of hand-selected furniture grade woods and are far more attractive than any mass-produced-overseas furniture you'll find. These shelves are made in Maryland by an Amish family of craftsmen that Mapleshade has worked closely with for over a decade

Ease Of Use

Assembly is simple, requiring only a screwdriver. Stored CDs and LPs have all their spines clearly visible. No unstacking and restacking of boxes, no sifting from crate to crate. Your complete collection is readily accessible and easy to keep organized so you can focus on listening to great music.


LP modules hold 150 albums.

Media Shelf modules holds 177 CDs or 100 Blu-rays or 82 DVDs in standard cases.

Media Shelf modules can interlock on top of LP modules or, when placed back-to-back, between LP modules in a stack. Extra modules can be added and interlocked later.

Our solid-wood modules are so sturdy and rigid that they stack freestanding six high, taller stacks may need to be anchored to a wall.

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Unfinished Oak Modules

without sanding sealer

Finished Oak Modules

with clear lacquer finish

Finished Ambrosian Maple Modules

with clear lacquer finish