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Finished Maple Shelves

Locally grown, kiln-dried Ambrosian maple with a multi-coat clear lacquer finish to match our air-dried maple platforms, speaker stands, and SAMSON racks.

Finished Maple LP Modules

Each LP module holds 150 albums. Interlocking construction allows stacking up to six shelves high. A slide-in birch overlay makes these modules even more versatile, accommodating both smaller-than-LP-size vinyl and opening the door to a myriad of other functional storage possibilities.

Maple Artisan LP Modules

We offer our Maple Artisan series for showcase rooms where the record storage needs to enhance the elegant decor. These premium LP modules includes a clear satin lacquer finish with a flush inset base inlay in beautifully contrasting Cherry and Walnut finishes. Also available with matching flush top inlay. Each modules holds 150 LPs.

Flip-Thru modules were designed with 45s in mind, allowing forward facing storage for 7", 10", and 12" vinyl.

Finished Maple Media Shelf Modules

We offer our Media Shelf modules in two identical height versions, a three row for CDs and a two row for all the other standard optical media including Blu-Rays, DVDs, SACD, PlayStation, xBox, and PC game discs--plus 7" records. Each two-tier Media Shelf holds +/- 220 45s.

Media shelves can be intermixed as stacked, stand-alone shelves and will also interlock on top of LP modules.

Finished Maple Bases & Accessories

We offer matching base options to raise stacked shelves off the floor, birch overlays as a ready-to-use, solid bottom plate that can be easily added to our LP shelves, and Media Inserts are a handy accessory to adapt our Eleganza shelves for other types of storage.

Choose a module type below for product details and pricing in our online store

Original Maple LP Module

Each holds 150 LPs, stack up to six high

Maple LP Module With Overlay

Accomodates smaller-than-LP vinyl

Maple Artisan LP Modules

With blond, cherry, or walnut inlays

Maple Artisan Side Table

With fitted top & inlay options

Maple Artisan Side Table

With pedestal top & inlay options

Maple 7" Module

Holds +/- 220 45s

2-Tier Maple Media Shelf

Holds 100 Blu-rays or 82 DVDs

Maple Toe Kick Base

Raises stacks 2-1/2" off the floor

Maple Caster Base

Discrete casters rated for 660 lbs.

Maple Media Shelf Base

Raises stacks 1-1/2" off the floor

Finished Maple Fitted Top

NEW! Due in mid-March

Finished Maple Pedestal Top

NEW! Due in late March

Maple Media Insert

Adapt LP modules for other storage

Walnut Stained 1/4" Overlay

For original LP modules

Unfinished 1/4" Birch Overlay

For original LP modules