Customer Testimonials
It is rare that I write a thank you to a business, but the honesty of you and your group in conjunction with the impact of your products is truly amazing. I have been an audiophile for many years and have Spectral equipment with Martin Logan speakers in a dedicated audio room in my home. I have tried many tweaks over the years, but adding Micropoint Megafeet along with your CDs began my journey with Mapleshade. These had a major improvement in the sound, but not as dramatic as recently adding Maple Speaker Plinths under my Martin Logans which were sitting on their commercial spikes on carpet over concrete. Ditto for the Maple Platform that I just put under my Spectral amp. One never knows the truth with all the hyperbole written about commercial products, but everything you state about your maple stands is true! I want to especially thank Kathleen who took my orders including my recent order this week for two Samson four shelf custom racks. Her pleasantness is matched by her help and honesty to guide me on which products to choose. As your "gateway" to your products and your company, you are fortunate to have someone like her. My wife and I thank you for transforming an already excellent stereo system to a whole new listening experience. I look forward to seeing the effect of my custom Samson racks when they come! - Steve F.

FYI - I have your upgraded speaker cables and ribbon interconnects in my system. They replaced much more expensive cables/inters and I've never looked back. A real upgrade for a 10th of the cost. You guys do amazing things and I appreciate it and recommend you to anyone that's interested. My boss just recently upgraded his system and bought platforms, cables, interconnects from you. He's pleased. So am I.  - Bill G.

The improvement in my system's sound because of your products has been worth every penny.  I have used many of your tweaks and have clearly heard the benefits from every one.  You have made me a Mapleshade believer. I would be very pleased if you would include a picture of my system in your customer gallery.  Sincerely, John K.

I just received the CD treatments yesterday and had time to treat only one CD-R MP3 download.  With a short review session, I was impressed by the tightened up resolution overall, especially in the high treble range, what  I considered to be digital HF noise suddenly became resolute music. My speakers are especially sensitive in this area with a ribbon MR-Tweeter and a ribbon super tweeter. A highly recommended treatment. - Richard Allen