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Customer Testimonials


I'm now a week into the USB-TO-S/PDIF Reclocking Adapter and I've gotta say Im way impressed. I figured it would be better than my existing usb connection but it's infinitely better and is easily the best upgrade I've made - especially considering the price. So... thanks! - Josh V.

I feel compelled to email you in regard to your Modded Hiface USB Reclocking Adapter...after reading a review about the the M2Tech Hiface on, I pretty much chalked off the HiFace as a product that just wasn't worth taking a chance on. That review pretty much stated that the Halide Design Bridge was the way to go (in comparison to the Hiface). The review stated that the reviewer couldn't get the Hiface to sound good no matter what he tried. That led to me purchasing the Halide. What a mistake! I got rid of the Halide Bridge after two weeks of trying to optimize the Halide's setup. I found the sound to be lacking in all aspects of reproduction. Soundstage recreation was basically flat and lifeless. Vocals were slightly grainy and the high end was muted. Maybe the synergy was there for that reviewer but it wasn't there for me.

Long story short, while on your site searching for some new music, I started poking around. I came across your modded USB Hiface and after a quick call to you, I bought it. I really didn't expect much as most of what I read about the M2Tech Hiface was very unflattering to say the least. I can't even begin to tell you how wrong I was. Your ReclockingAdapter arrived at my house and after a quick download, I was up and running. The first thing I noticed was that there was air and life. Holy s*^t!!!!!!!! This wasn't supposed to be happening. For God sakes, Computer Audiophile said that the Hiface was muffled and basically lacking in every area of reproduction compared to the Halide Bridge. This was definitely not the case.

Vocals were considerably better than ANY transport that I have ever used. For reference, I have owned an Audio Note CDT 2 and a Northstar Audio CDT. They are both excellent transports but they are equalled by your modded M2Tech HiFace. That is saying quite a bit for a less than $200 USB adapter. Actually, the one area where the HiFace exceeded the other transports that I have owned in in the midrange. There is a naturalness and transparency with the M2Tech HiFace that is about the best I have heard. The upper end just shimmered with decay and sparkle and the bass was also very tuneful and deep.

Anyway, thanks for saving me from a potential disaster. I had burned all my discs in lossless format and sold them off. With the Halide Bridge in my system I felt as though I made a HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! I feared that I would have to start buying my music back or invest in a DAC that cost several thousand dollars to get sound that I was used to. Thanks for such a genuinely well done product and keep up the GREAT work!!!! I believe that this USB adapter is the silver discs silver bullet. Every serious music lover/audiophile should have one of these modded M2Tech Hiface's and use a computer as a source. The sound is that good. Hey, you give a 30 Day money back guarantee, it's a win-win situation. - Joe A.