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Customer Testimonials


I'm a believer. Just received a set of Triplepoints and set them under my Ayre CX-7. The improvement was remarkable: Bobo Stenson's "War Orphans" (ECM 1604), a disc I have listened to dozens of times, was "brand new". Imaging was more solid, the timbre of the instruments more real, Jormin's bass notes rock solid with no mush and VERY obvious distinction between Christenson's two toms and the snare. I have now had the same pleasure revisiting numerous other favorite discs. All of this for a mere $100.00!!!

Associated equipment: Ayre K/5, Bryston 14B SST, Magneplanar 3.6s, Zu Libtec biwires and jumpers, Kimber 1111 interconnects, Sanus cabinet.
Now it's time to move into the Samson stands and a Mapleshade amp stand. - Joseph

I was delighted to get my shipment of Triplepoints the day after I ordered them, and outright glee ensued when I installed them under my CD player. In A-B testing against my Black Diamond Racing footers, the triplepoints outperformed by a tremendous margin in base -- this was an immediate an obvious change. Upon further listening (in particular, tracks 1 & 4 on the Mapleshade sampler, as well as Miles Davis, Cassandra Wilson and Patricia Barber), I also noticed slightly improved depth and positioning in the soundstage. The other notable improvement was that I could sense the shape and space of the individual instruments, particularly saxophone, low brass, and female vocals. An excellent addition to my system, though not as shocking an upgrade as the Ultrathin cables. Definitely recommended. - Ted

Asked for and received from my lovely wife Isoblocks and Triplepoint footers for Christmas.... [I had some hard maple made up (2 1/2" thick, 18" x 15") and this went under a Nottingham Spacedeck turntable. By the time I got the lumber cut in the southern part of the state and then planed at another lumber yard and back home to finish, I now realize why your maple costs what it does. I have several other maple slabs and I ordered another set of the Triplepoints and Isoblocks today. My LP's sound VERY MUCH BETTER !!!] Thanks Mapleshade for taking the time to come up with this combination. The new platform will go under my Sony DVP S7000 which I am using as a CD transport along with a Bel Canto DAC 1. Until I get the new points and blocks, the maple is between some Vibrapods and some small brass conepoints that I had....even this sound better. I really like the maple, but the Triplepoint footers and Isoblocks make the whole thing work. Thank you. - Dudley Miller

Superb - both in construction and sound quality.

I own three sets of these [the Triplepoint footers] and have been evaluating them under differing electronics for some time before I decided to take the final step and recommend these fabulously wonderful sounding (or better - lack of coloration) points. I've tried many different types of vibration control products and without question, the Triplepoints are the ultimate sonic vibration improvement.

At various places on the front end electronics I heard a lot of promise, specifically under my DAC and CD disc drive, but it was not until I placed the final set under my tube preamplifier that I heard the culminating effect of the three.

Simply put, the sonic improvements were NOT subtle, nor of the type we con ourselves into thinking we heard, or wished the new component offered. No, this was as real and distinct as removing a very thick wool blanket between the listener and the music. Basically, a significant step forward in bringing that elusive "live and you-are-there" quality to a recorded performance.

Improvements that were significant included a markedly larger and more "open" and transparent soundspace, even on CD's, with a much deeper soundstage presentation. The rear corners of the soundstage finally came into focus and precision. Image stability became rock solid stable with a dramatic improvement in image body. Voices felt far more like a human being ad a voice resonating off their chests, the subtle movements of the person as they sang came through. The same was true for all frequency extremes. There was no improvement in just a single area - the entire frequency range was similarly improved. A case in point is one of my favorite late evening discs by Patricia Barber (I love all her recordings) "A Distortion of Love". On each track locating her on the front to back plane was significantly improved, as was the sound staging. Impressive instrumental timbres came through that I had never heard before and I thought I knew every single nuance. A total revelation.

Power and dynamics are substantially improved, as well. The control over low frequency transients is phenomenal. The "rolling average" I was so accustomed to on the bottom end had finally been resolved so that subtleties came through with immense micro and macro dynamic clarity. Shocked and very, very impressed at the same time. Let's just say that further purchases of Triplepoints will be forthcoming in the future when I can afford additional sets for my A/V system in another room. I can't bear to take them out of the tube system to try them even for one moment, although I am certain the improvement in solid-state electronics will be somewhat the same.

…Superb job, Mapleshade! I can see why your recordings absolutely walk on the vast majority of your competition. - Richard Byers

I thought that by having a Bryston 9BST Amplifer, a B&K Reference 20 processor, Denon 5000 CD/DVD player, Monitor Audio Studio 50 speakers, and the better Tara interconnects and Straight Wire speaker cables, it would be difficult to improve the sound of my system. This past Saturday I placed a set of three Triplepoint footers under the Denon 5000 and three Triplepoint footers under the Bryston 9BST.

The sound was unbelievable! All aspects of the music were crystal clear, tremendous base & punch.

I would never have said such improvement could be made without hearing it myself. I still have the speakers and sub-woofer to place the Triplepoint footers under. Also I have ordered a set of Heavy Triplepoints to see how may enhance the system. Buying these footers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. - Jack Frame

I have already appreciated a clearness of sound and much improved bass articulation with Triplepoints under my CD player and power amps. Your maple blocks are quite effective as well.

I appreciated the tips you gave me on cross-bracing the Arcici stands on my Quad US monitors. Then I thought to try the Triplepoints under the speaker stands as well. Wow! I have been enjoying a tremendous increase in focus and body. Every musical piece offers more clean detail, from deep, yes deep, bass all the way on up.

Congratulations on another incomparable product. - Gerald Grochowski

These brass babies are amazing. I inserted a set of the Triplepoints underneath my Technics amplifier. I was absolutely blown away by the 100% improvement in the sound. I listened to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" CD and every moan of the flugelhorns & brush of the percussion section was in front of me perfectly suspended in the air surrounding it. This is the most life I have ever encountered in a favorite CD. The results were equally stunning with classical music. The hushed opening of Stravinsky's Firebird ballet was breathtaking. The low bassoons, double basses and other assorted woodwinds have always been muddy and vague sounding outside of the concert hall but now they are perfectly clear in both tone and perspective thanks to these footers. I consider this the best investment I have ever made for my audio system and I have spent lots on it over the years. I intend to buy brass footers for every component and the speakers in my system. Thanks Mapleshade! - Michael Parr

I got my Triplepoint footers today and wow that was fast service. I don't know how these things work but WOW!!!!!!!! they do. What detail I am I can hear things I am sure I have not heard before. You have a awesome product there and great service so keep up the Good work. Thanks again. - Mark