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Customer Testimonials


When I first mounted the (Soundsmith-retipped Benz) cartridge, I did not have your resonance control weights on the arm. It sounded like a new cartridge often does, in my experience: detailed and fast, but a little tipped-up and etched. Now after 20 hours, that is breaking in, and the sound is becoming more balanced.

Then I added your brass weights to the tonearm. Holy Manoly! The bass and lower midrange took on a this fullness and richness that I've never experienced with this table before, and I've owned the table/arm combo (Linn/Ittok) for over 25 years. I actually had to lower the subwoofer volume level, because it had been calibrated to the tonearm without resonance control and this was a new ballgame. The bass information was deep and rich, but not at all bloated. - David T.

Thank you for the time you have spent inventing these wonderful tweaks for tonearms and cartridges. I have a Rega P25, purchased in 2000, that I use a Grado Statement cartridge on and I have done numerous upgrades to the table over the years. I've installed the Pete Riggle VTAF, new acrylic platter, new Deepgroove subplatter, better Rega white belt, better record platter mat, TT weights outer ring at 460 grams with a center weight specifically for Rega tables and this has been on your 4" Mapleshade Platform for years. I just replaced the carbon fiber footers I was using to your Brass Footers, installed your Nanomount system and your Tonearm Resonance system.

All I can say is WOW. These last three tweaks have really catapulted my table into the stratosphere! I have better resolution, so much more detail and the bass is so deep and controlled that I sometimes can"t believe what I am hearing. Soundstage has expanded, which is amazing considering it was very large before. I also have had to turn my volume level down to a lower level to get the same loudness that I had before at a higher volume control level. These tweaks are amazing! I've heard much more expensive tables and arms before. I was going to purchase one of these more expensive rigs, but now I know my table blows those others away! I highly recommend to anyone to try these products first before laying down major cash for a (new) table. - Ted D.