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Customer Testimonials


I purchased a set of Surefoot v.3 footers with trepidation. "Miraculous" musical wonder cures/gadgets bite me in the wallet frequently. The sonic improvements of these other products are usually subtle, if any.

These footers improve the sound of my $500 cd player/transport to a remarkable degree. This improvement is immediate. The listener moves closer to the original event, be it studio or live. The music has more dynamics, air, etc. I will purchase more sets and/or upgrade to the heavier ones for my other components as soon as the budget allows.

Many thanks for a fine product. I also appreciate your "free audio improvements." They really, really work (to paraphrase an old tv ad.) - Mark

I recently received two sets of your smaller footers and two sets of weights as well as bottles of MicroSmooth and Optrix. In reverse order, I have been using Optrix for years to good effect but have to say that the combination literally has transformed my CDs (that have now been double treated, of course!!) to a much more than just listenable level (this from a diehard analog fanatic with more than 5000 records) - probably a bigger difference than going from the CD to SACD track on a dual layer disc.

I already use custom composite carbon fiber footers and pucks as well as Townshend air bases and wasn't expecting much with the brass footers. With only two sets of footers I could only substitute those under my turntable and Audio Note tube CD player and put the weights on the CD player and my (tube) SP-10 pre-amp. All I can say is "WOW" and won't bore you with the *details*! - Ken Ballentine

Just letting you know that i got (my order) christmas eve. The Surefoot is a revelation...(there's a) noticeable difference compared to Tiptoes, Tiptoes II, Golden footers...I like them very much... - Dennis Yanos