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Customer Testimonials


So my package arrives and inside I find this diminutive little box with 4 somewhat festive looking strands of wire – these are cables? Coming from the cable as thick as vacuum hose arena I have to admit a bit of skepticism was present even my son noticed “What no massive gold spade plugs just hook up the bare wire!” However being open minded I hooked them up as instructed in the package and allowed all my components to warm up. I have my reference CD’s and vinyl that I use to check out any new addition to my system and cued them up and the results: What can I say I was stunned I listened for hours covering all the genres from Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock the sound just kept getting better and better as the evening rolled on. Best analogy I can come up with is my system which used to sound like a hot muggy day in August now sounds like a beautiful crisp fall day the veil has been lifted. Great product highly recommended and for the price can not be beat. - Tom

I could not believe that a speaker cable so thin can make your speakers really sing. The music has much more life, the soundstage is much wider. Thanks a million for this eye opener!!!!!!! - Clyde

If you're looking for the ultimate in transparency, you'll need a contract with the devil to do better than these. – anonymous

I, too, am amazed. Distortions that I previously attributed to tracking errors from vinyl are now gone. Apparently, the Monster Cable I was using was not transferring all of the signal from the amp to the speakers. Now there is great clarity and detail with an apparent extension in the treble. Also, I measured the frequency response with my Radio Shack spl meter and Stereophile's test cd #2. The output at now the same level as 200hz. The speakers are Hales Rev. 3 and the amp is Krell's KAV 300i. I'm very pleased. Best tweak ever. - John Brown

I found the cables to increase the soundstage, allowed me to hear more detail, and pushed the instruments out into the room. Always good when a cable delivers what it promises. - Matt Cook

Absolutely stunning! These cables have made my system play "music", instead of just CD's, and are incredibly superior to the very best Monsters I had before. Thanks for this prodigious and reasonably priced upgrade. - Randolph Pope

Like so many others, these cables are my experiment into this world and I bought them with a healthy dose of skepticism. Long story short -- they work.
So, on to the superlatives - these cables have given my system that little nudge over to my ideal and I'm happy with the results. I have noticed the following (immediately)

-MUCH greater clarity
-More air
-Greater dimensionality/palpability
-Much more controlled bass

Some may find the last one a problem, depending on the system. For my setup (Ayre Ax7e/Thiel CS1.6) there was rarely a bit of bloat that is now gone. The bass is all there - just more controlled and much more accurate.

The clarity improvement is probably the biggest improvement, but thankfully there is no compromise in the midrange - it remains rich and harmonic as it was before.

So to sum up -- every aspect of my system's sound, from clarity, midrange purity, bass accuracy, "thereness/palpability/dimensionality", speed, dynamics, everything, has improved a fair margin.

For the improvement, particularly in this hobby, this cable represents a huge bargain. - D.K.