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Customer Testimonials


Like lots of other audio hobbyists I like to try different tweaks to see which ones provide some marginal improvement in sound quality. However, after applying SilClear to my interconnects, power cords, and speaker cables I immediately noticed, not a marginal difference, but a large, very noticeable improvement! The sound was more clear, tight, just better. I also applied it to all the connections on my cable/DVD/TV system and once again there was an immediate and very noticeable improvement! The picture was brighter, cleaner, more clear. This is a great product! - Mark

I've used SilClear on just about every connector throughout my system, to excellent results each step of the way. The most dramatic improvement, though, was to a $0.99 cord that I was using at the moment to connect my ipod to the system. (A classic nightmare interconnect: plastic plugs, nickel-plated brass contacts, PVC dielectric)

It of course sounded dull, lifeless and very attenuated. On a whim, I treated the ends of the very low-quality RCA plugs and reconnected the cable. Volume settings were unchanged. The difference, as they say, was FAR from subtle. Loudness increased considerably, plus the amount of detail that came through this cheapie cable was astonishing! Clear, extended highs, silky mids and powerful bass, all from a cable that sounded tinny and flat before treatment!

Aside from SilClear, I also use MikroSmooth, Optrix and the Ionoclast on all my CDs, SACDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs and other optical media, and I love what they do to the audio and video. I also treat my interconnects/speaker cables once a month with the Ionoclast.

Another, non-audio use that I've found for the Ionoclast is for removing static from my furniture! It's all upholstered in faux-suede that gets wildly charged, to the point that a type of "St Elmo's Fire" will crackle between any exposed skin and the furniture fabric! Well, after getting countless shocks I decided to give the Ionoclast a whirl at removing the static charge from my furniture. Guess what? It works and works great! Now it's a part of the weekly cleaning routine!

Thanks for great and original products that actually work. - Carlos

As a psychologist I was skeptical becuase just about any change claimed to be beneficial is perceived as an improvement. Turn the lights up at work and productivity rises, turn them down a a year later and productity rises.

Well, I tried Silclear feeling a bit funny about it. I was impressed from the first listening. This was no placebo effect. The music is more present and alive, with hearing of previously impercievable instrumentation in the backround of well known favorites. The soundstage was also more defined and solid. Thank you so much. I look forward to re-hearing my entire collection and also trying some of your more expensive products - now that I know that your claims are modest for SilClear. - Joe

Better sound from grease? You betcha! Both my analog and digital music has more detail, detail, detail! I thought I had high resolution before, not! THIS IS THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE TWEAK I HAVE EVER PURCHASED (the snake oil demon has bitten me many times.) The results of SilClear are not subtle, but breathtaking. Thanks - Mark

Being a die-hard skeptic I made sure that SilClear was the last tweak applied to my speakers. I wanted to be sure I'd catch any difference if any. Well the difference is dramatic just like the claims I read said it would be. I'm very pleased with the product and recommend it to anyone with speakers and ears. - Robert

You have done it again! As usual, everything you claim is true. If anything, your claims regarding SilClear are an understatement. Having put SilClear on all the terminations in my 30K system I can honestly recommend that all those who are looking for the next tweak should stop and by this product first. It is very doubtful that you will find this much sonic improvement for less than a 1K investment. My every hope is that you will continue to develop brilliant products like this. Who needs new components when we can make a small investment in a product like this and essentially have new components without them ever leaving the rack. - Chris Hulick

This product is amazing! When applied correctly throughout a system, it produces no BS astounding improvements in dynamics, transparancy, and soundstaging akin to changing all the stock power cords to high end/high dollar ones. At it's price of $35.00 the greatest return on my tweak dollar of ANYTHING I've tried--highly, highly recommended! - Tom Doherty

I want to thank you for another great tweak for my HI Fi. I just applied your Silclear. The sonic improvement, blew me out of my listening seat. I was already using Craig ProGold. Have been for years. Your Silclear is far more effective.
Thanks again Pierre for all your R & D. - Gilbert

SilClear is remarkable, a very noticeable improvement and very cost effective tweak. I put it on all speaker cables, all RCA interconnect cables, and all power cables, as well as an I2S connector for my Muse 8 transport. Wonderful improvements in clarity, treble smoothness, tighter bass, and better impact.

I know of no other single tweak anywhere near this price range ($35) that makes such an obvious difference & improvement- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - Gary Herbst

Received the Silclear yesterday, two days after placing the order! I decided to give it a small trial in the most critical area of playback, on phono cartridge clips and the IC's to my tubed phono pre. I noticed an immediate increase in micro detail which encouraged me to dig a little deeper. Today, I put it on PC's, all my IC's, tubed linestage, tubed amps, CDP. I even used it on most of my fuse holders, some of which are internal. Your claims for this stuff are not exaggerated!

My initial impression today was a yawn, but then I got serious and played references, both vinyl and digital. After a few hours, there's an increase in micro detail, much faster bass. I rebalanced my bi-amped set-up to take advantage of the loss of "hash" on top, resulting in a crisper presentation without the hard edge I used to compensate for. I'm primarily a DIY'er, so I've done some critical listening. Worth it? You bet! Tomorrow, binding posts. (Gotta listen sometime.) - Larry Welsh

Took about 1.5 hours to apply. Included brush seems to be the perfect size.

Easy to perceive sonic improvements. About 2 hours into my listenting session I put in a very familiar disc (D. Matthews Band - Live from Central Park DVD) and I was greeted with increased dynamics, better bass control and attack, as well as isolation of individual musicians and instruments in the soundstage. Everything had this incredibly smooth and rich impact. Talk about being overjoyed. Just when I thought my system couldn't possibly sound any better! The results are quite tangible and very rewarding. I'm still amazed at the impact of such an inexpensive tweak.

Not to mention you get plenty of product. I have enough left over to treat my system at least another 100 times if not more. I plan to share with some friends to get the word out about Mapleshade. My only regret is I didn't know about this stuff sooner. - Steve J.

Out of all the Mapleshade products I have ordered this one was the most fun. Upon hearing the improvement from the first application( the ac plug on the Scott amp) a painting frenzy was unleashed lasting well into the early morning hours. With each and every treatment dynamics,transparency,ease and coherence all improved dramatically. The cumulative effect of treating the entire system and fuse box have been nothing short of astonishing especially considering the modest cost. Ill tell you a secret: after hearing what this stuff does I would pay ten times the asking price it is that good. For 35 bucks it is like upgrading every cable in your system. Do them one at a time and its like several audiophile fixes in one day. Need another fix wait until you see what this does for video! That's what makes Silclear so much fun! And there is lots of it so you can help a buddy out. Me and a friend actually had a little silclear party. Just me him a case of microbrew and ofcourse our little guestof honor. After several treatments and spirits my bud, clearly impressed, posed a good question: who are these crazy evil scientists at Mapleshade? I mean who comes up with something like this? I remembered thinking the same thing as a mental picture of you holding your new creation formed. A devious smile crosses your face as the heavens above Baltimore open up unleashing torrents of angry thunder and lightening. Its alive ! You exclaim followed by fits of maniacal laughter. Who comes up with this? People who truly care. Thanks for the best 35 bucks I ever spent!