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Customer Testimonials


I have been into FM for more than 25 years and have tried many different tuners from brands ranging from Marantz to Carver, Sansui to Magnum Dynalabs. I had tried some tube tuners and come away unimpressed. The capture ratio, selectivity and sensitivity as well as the overall noise floor and audio quality was always inferior to the solid state products. I finally settled on a modded Magnum Dynalabs Etude driven from their own FM antenna and Antenna Sleuth module. The sound was the best I had heard, my listening primarily being to classical WQXR in NY.

Then disaster. WXQR was sold, rebought by NPR (National Public Radio) and dropped their wattage from 6000 to 600 watts. Sound quality deteriorated even with the massive FM antenna I had on the roof. While ordering some SAMSON racks (also very highly recommended) , I saw the Scott 310D tuner with separate MPX chassis, fully modded by Mapleshade. Despite my previous experiences, he convinced me to give it a shot, I could always send it back. So I went with his best, the 4 IF stage Scott.

Well, it never went back. Hooked up simultaneously though a commercial distribution system I have, this little Scott spanked the heck out of the Etude. WQXR suddenly appeared back in all its original glory. In fact better. While any FM broadcast varies, during most hours, the sound was better than the same CD I owned, only bettered by LP's played back on a state of the art Brinkmann turntable system. It was incredible, and if it wasn't for my ability to run both tuners back to back off the exact same feed, I wouldn't have believed it. The Scott pulled in WQXR cleaner, quieter and with a level of sound quality that I had never heard from a FM tuner.I cannot recommended this modded tuner enough. And if this piece of equipment is at all representative of the quality of Mapleshade's other modded products (and I personally believe it is), then they all have to be one of the best buys going,

Thank you Pierre for convincing me to try it. I now enjoy classical FM at least 6 hrs every day and plan on doing so for a long time. - Bruce P.

I'm writing to convey my sincere thanks for providing a great turnaround service on my tuner. The unit supplied is doing it's job with aplomb. Just last night, I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows, "All Blues", on the local NPR affiliate. My seventeen year old daughter came into the room, and walked up to the stereo looking for the CD case. She remarked her surprise on seeing the tuner all aglow. Our CD player is a Wadia 830, with a small Krell integrated amp, and Martin Logan hybrid speakers. This tuner fits seamlessly into the rig. Thanks very much for providing such a nice tuner! - Mark Nelson