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Customer Testimonials


I am hearing things that I never knew was in recordings that I have listened to a hundred times. I do observe that the system does not do vintage rock and roll terrifically well, but jazz, classical, blues, all voice, and virtually all of the Mapleshade recordings are eerie. You close your eyes and the singer is in the room. The problem with most "classic rock" is that the system shows you how badly this music was recorded. As you say, the system is now merciless with flaws in the source material. If you put on something like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert you have rock that is amazing, just not quite up to the shock value of hearing more intimate music.

So in a nutshell I am terrifically pleased with the modified Scott as well as other the speaker plinths, maple amp stand and the myriad brass footers. In addition to the sound improvement your equipment also brings real crafted beauty. I intend to follow your protocol as time and money allows. Even though your site and catalog make it clear how much responsibility rests with the owner to test, change a single variable, and retest, I did not fully appreciate the commitment and resulting degree of success and satisfaction that this process entails. I have a lot more in front of me, but judging from the results so far I imagine that I will continue to be amazed at the results that your work and owner involvement can produce. Thank you very much. - Bill H.

To tell the truth I only half expected this amp to succeed. I had concerns regarding its low power rating. As it turns out such fears were unfounded and not only has it succeeded, it excels. Despite being rated at 26 wpc it drives the Gallos with ease and can play very loud. The first thing that struck me was this amps amazing transparency. It has a "hear through" quality that is unexpected and initially breathtaking. I have heard solid state amps pull this off but with a penalty. This being an amusical sterility that the Scott, due to its valve pedigree, avoids. Having your cake and eating it too comes to mind. The second, equally surprising, thing that hit me was the fact that this small low powered amp was kicking out some serious bass. Tight, fast and tuneful. What didn't surprise was the midrange, which as expected, is pure tube induced euphoria. Spin your favorite female vocalist and your heading straight to the sonic pearly gates. At times it really does sound as if the singer has joined you in your listening room. Goosebumps not optional. The highs are super airy creating a large billowy soundscape where cymbals sound like the real thing. Absolutely no roll off here. This is a great amp that for 1200$ is a gift that has usurped 4000$ worth of well regarded German gear. Thanks for putting music and passion above profit and permitting me access to such a great product. Happy new year. - Jack M.

The best investment I have made in audio gear. I went from solid state lifeless sound to tube sound without some of the drawbacks, such as rolled-off top ends, and flabby, slow bass. These units have a "you are there" vividness that is hard to described but definitely there! There is also exceptional imaging and localization of instruments particularly with 5751 tubes in place of 12ax's. By the way the tube tuners are just as impressive! - Victor

I received the Scott amp, and I must tell you that I am really surprised. It performs beautifully, and holds its own against amplifiers many times the price. It is hard to believe! Well done. Many Thanks, Tom

I recently purchased a modified vintage Scott amplifier from Mapleshade and have been very impressed. Indeed, it smoked my 6,000.00 setup, which included a well regarded tube preamp and mosfet base amplifier from one of America's oldest high end companies. It wasn't even close.

Moreover, the Scott includes a pretty fair sounding phono stage, which brought the level of performance up another notch. Considering that I would need to spend an additional 1500.00 or so for an equivalent stage, that means that the 1100.00 modified Scott replaced 7500.00 worth of equipment and improved greatly upon the sonics.

In short, the Mapleshade modified amplifier is a ridiculous value that presents the recording in a clearer, faster, more coherent, and more natural fashion then I have yet to hear. - Joe M.

Please be advised that the 222-D upgraded Mapleshade vintage amps are hands down, one of the current best values in audio. This amp has a great soundstage, with great depth, and realistic musical dimension. This royal musical gem has it's place in audio history. Along the years, many an entrepreneur would copy RCA tube manuals and claim to have a great circuits to employ. HH Scott was a leader of their day and still reaps the fruit of the hard work they put into circuit engineering. Honest, clean, and wholesome company that one could and still can trust to deliver. Great job, guys!!!!!   With great regard, Joe