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Customer Testimonials


I thought my 2K machine was doing a great job at record cleaning; especially since I was using a two-stage process. NOT! Records with rolled off highs I dismissed as either "wear", bad engineering or middle-aged high frequency loss. The Deep-Cleaning System restores these highs with jaw dropping, OMG clarity. My Scoutmaster Sig. (with Mapleshade feet!) will be getting more play time. Although my 6K digital front end (more Mshade feet) sounds pretty good, ANALOG RULES!!!

I also use the Nuance tracking force scale. I was using another brand that cost more. Resetting my cartridge with the Nuance was an audibly significant improvement.

A Soundsmith cartridge is on my wish list! - Mark in Chicagoland

I have a record collection dating back to the 1950s and have used a VPI vacuum cleaner on all my records for the past 25 years. The records sounded better after each VPI wash.

I recently aquired your Phonophile Deep Cleaning System and was astounded at the improvement after steaming my allegedly clean discs. The sound was more dimensional, instruments were more lifelike. That subliminal artificial edge on violins was gone.

Wow, what have I missed all these years.

90% of my collection could be called mint; very few were bought used. Since I had read many articles about the initial mold compound that's transferred to LPs and is almost a permanent artifact, I omitted the use of the Scuzzbuster as a pre-cleaner. I decided to experiment. I took the previously steamed records and used the Scuzzbuster Pre-Cleaner and went through the process of steam cleaning all over (the whole nine yards).

Result: I could not believe my ears. I thought I was listening to master tapes (I have owned hundreds of master tapes previously). The piano had the impact of a real instrument with all the attendant reverb and dimensionality.

Fifty-five year old monaural LPs of the famous Budapest Quartet had the impact of live intruments with stunning string tone. Finally, after half a century, I could recognize the famed Stradivarius sound.

Am I dreaming?? If I am, don't wake me. - Sydney