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Customer Testimonials


For the last few years I have been using the Bright Star rack of Gibraltar for my components. Recently I ordered the Ready-To-Be-Finished Platform in a size that would allow me to replace the plinth on the Bright Star shelf. I chose the shelf that holds my Cary 303/300 tube CD player. The improvement in sound is shocking. Deeper, tighter bass, more detail, warmer and smoother on the top end. I just ordered two more today! - Walt

I have been into this hobby/disease seriously for about fifteen years and it still shocks me how something you think as irrelevant as a stand can make a HUGE difference. My search for holy sound nirvana has lead me to a very expensive but incredible system. My system consists of Magnepan 20.1's, Audio Aero Capitale Mark II, and Tube Research Labs 300 Mono blocks with all the necessary high end cabling and power products. This is an amazing system by any standards but it went through quite a change when I bought one of the 4 inch Mapleshade Platforms for the Audio Aero Capital. I had been using several other types of stands/racks including SRA (Silent Running Audio), Salamander, Adona, Billy Bags, etc. The Mapleshade Platform under the Audio Aero improved the sound by about ten percent which in my system is like the second coming. The best improvement came in depth and warmth of the system. The reduction in background noise was also very noticeable. I am now waiting for a set of  oversized platforms for the amps which were just released. Expect even better improvement there. - Matthew

The custom Rosewood platforms you made for my amps are awesome. It's the perfect match of ying and yang in my system. AN ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND IMPROVEMENT IN MY SYSTEM. Been doing this for 30 years now as a hobbyist, wholesaler and retailer and life long friend of one of the best designers in the business (Bob Hovland) and I still was not prepared for what the platforms did for the clarity, musicality and bass and treble extension. Thanks, Ken Beckman

Some recent additions to our family necessitated some revisions to my audio system. One item that was going to be replaced was a very pricey carbon-fiber/stainless steel equipment stand that I had left over from my audio shop. The existing stand is quite popular and does a nice job in wringing out everything your components can offer- or so I thought.

After a lot of research- and experience with many other equipment stands- I decided to check out the Mapleshade products. After some enjoyable conversations with Pierre, I decided to try the Samson rack, but with a detached amplifier stand on the bottom. I ordered a 4" Mapleshade Platform with integral carpet piercing feet. It arrived in about one week. The finish is excellent and the grain of the maple looks great. I still had my existing stand, so I had a chance to do some A/B comparisons. Simply put, I prefer the Mapleshade (w/Triplepoints) over the 3x as expensive stand I was using. Transients were sharper and cleaner with no change in the tonal balance. The dynamic range also seemed greater with the quieter passages being more quiet. Low level resolution and vocal nuances were also more noticeable.

The Mapleshade amplifier platforms are a must-audition if you are looking for an affordable equipment stand. - Mike Masztal