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Customer Testimonials


I asked Mrs. Claus for three presents--Mikrosmooth, Optrix, and Ionoclast--this year, and she came through with flying colors! I treated my first CD (RCA 1965 recording - digital remaster of Rubenstein playing Chopin Nocturnes) with all three yesterday evening. It has played non-stop for almost 24 hours and I continue to say things such as, "I can't believe it" and "I'm blown away", and "This can't be real"! My wife's first comment was "I'm glad you're enjoying your snake oil, Dear." I forced her to sit down and listen to her favorite nocturne, and she too was surprisingly stunned by such things as the attacks of individual notes and by lightly played sustained bass notes that role on for what seems to be an infinite amount of time! I have played this CD hundreds of times prior to treating yesterday, but it now plays as if my entire system has undergone massive upgrades! Your catalogue claims that the improvements are not subtle--that certainly is true, but your description falls way short of what is happening! Every aspect of the music has improved! You name it--it has improved!

My $7500 BAT CD player has excellent ability to resolve musical details in a life-like way, but your triple pack of CD treatments makes it sound like I have spent thousands and thousands of additional dollars in upgrades or in a far superior player. I truly am at a loss for words; nothing I say can demonstrate what has happened to the music on this disc. It IS unbelievable! The music on this standard redbook CD is now nothing short of being incredibly beautiful! Thanks so much for these awesome products at very affordable prices! - D. Smith

Optrix is mandatory for any audiophile looking for the best sound with CD/ SACD's. I'm on my second bottle! - Chuck

I recently received two sets of your smaller cones and two sets of weights as well as bottles of MicroSmooth and Optrix. In reverse order, I have been using Optrix for years to good effect but have to say that the combination literally has transformed my CDs (that have now been double treated, of course!!) to a much more than just listenable level (this from a diehard analog fanatic with more than 5000 records) - probably a bigger difference than going from the CD to SACD track on a dual layer disc.

I already use custom composite carbon fiber cones and pucks as well as Townshend air bases and wasn't expecting much with the brass cones. With only two sets of cones I could only substitute those under my turntable and Audio Note tube CD player and put the weights on the CD player and my (tube) SP-10 pre-amp. All I can say is "WOW" and won't bore you with the *details*! - Ken Ballentine

Optrix reveals some very low level detail after using on a disc treated with MiKro-Smooth. It also sweetens the cymbal sounds and very high upper partials on acoustic guitars, basses and voices. I used it on Jonas HELLBORG'S "Good People In Times of Trouble" and JIMMY BRUNO'S 'Midnight Blue" as well as on my friend and college RYO Kawasaki's solo release on Nylon Acoustic. These CDs have been uplifted to audiophile level by these two treatments alone. Sensational and unexpected value for the investment. - NEY MELLO

I recently bought the Warren Smith CD "Cats are Stealing my S---." Wow. Even over my mid-fi system, the clarity and power of the recording was amazing. Such presence on difficult instruments such as chimes and glockenspiel! I have ordered another four CDs at your generous bargain prices. I'm sure they'll be equally amazing.

And by the way, the Mikro-Smooth and Optrix combo does wonders. I treated my two most scratched and unplayable dics and my fussy CD player sailed past the glitches without a whimper. Thanks. - Anthony Fichera

Optrix is wonderful! It's as though I had been listening to 14-bit CD sound all this time, and once cleaned by Optrix, my collection came alive in its full 16-bit glory! The details which didn't seem buried came through in a full soundstage with new oomph. I had no idea so much more was lurking behind whatever garbage Optrix removed! I'm ordering a bunch right now for gifts to get friends hooked on this cleaner. I double-checked... even on my portable CD player with a cheaper amp the difference was amazing! I'm re-auditioning all my CDs... bit by bit! - Bob Trumble

Lately, I've been recording some exciting acoustic guitar and mandolin sessions that I master to compact disc. I've begun to use Optrix on each Music CD-R before I record. Additionally, I re-apply Optrix after the finalization, before I make a copy for my friends. The sound seems more vibrant and involving using this procedure. Of course, Optrix is a MUST for a pre-recorded Compact Disc or DVD! I don't understand how it works but my ears tell me that it does! - Stanley Richard Stephens

I just received the CD treatments yesterday and had time to treat only one CD-R MP3 download.  With a short review session, I was impressed by the tightened up resolution overall, especially in the high treble range, what  I considered to be digital HF noise suddenly became resolute music. My speakers are especially sensitive in this area with a ribbon MR-Tweeter and a ribbon super tweeter. A highly recommended treatment. -Richard Allen