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Customer Testimonials


Again Hats off to Pierre Sperry for another remarkable modded component. A few years back his vintage modded Scott tube integrated amplifier turned out to be the best amp I'd ever heard at the under $2500.00 price range to drive the AKG K1000 headphones and a good pair of monitors. This time his modded Cambridge Audio 550C CD player gobbled up all the top CD players I auditioned in the up to $3000.00 range. Upgrading key areas of this well-designed player, Pierre worked his magic and the end result was a musical performance which drew me deeply in along with providing an emotional involvement that was very close to analog. The ability for this player to convey all the positive attributes of digital and be almost void of the negative ones while offering many of the great aspects of analog is the real enchantment here. Of course, all of this would not be possible if the modded Cambridge Audio 550C was not coupled to a 4" Malpeshade maple platform with a set of isoblocks under it. Pierre, thanks for your passion and gift for getting the best performance out of select components in audio/video playback systems.

James S Serdechny

The Modded 550C CD player sounds awesome. I had a bunch of gigs this weekend, but squeezed in time to get all of my cable treatments, and reconnection done, and was blown away right from the start! Everything that I have added and tried from Mapleshade has made a major impact on my rediscovery of my love for music. Thank you. - Cleland N.