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Customer Testimonials


Any Quad guy knows about the love/hate relationship that comes along with these fantastic speakers. If you can get them set up right, look out. They can be addictive and keep you up all night flipping through music. But then there's those extremely frustrating moments when one loud note can make them clip and shut down. And the bass; if there was just a little bit more..... I've been adding Mapleshade tweaks to my system for years with fantastic results. But when I finally upgraded from my ESL63's to a new pair of 2905's I decided to go all the way. First I replaced the factory power cords with your Clearview Double Helix MK2 Plus. Amazingly, they played louder with a lot more detail. It was a terrific upgrade for not much money. Anyone with Quads should just do this. But then I perched them up on a pair of your 21"x19"x4" Maple Plinths with Brass Heavyfeet and carefully measured them in. Whoa.... Absolutely shocking! And where did that bass come from? Kick drums, deep organ notes; bring em on. All with still a lot more detail against a dead silent background. Looks like another late night! Thanks again Pierre. - Spence R.

I wish to thank you for sharing all of your information regarding the intricacies of a good sound system. For many years I have been laboring under the many misconceptions offered by most people who sell audio components who have told me that I have good equipment and that I would have to spend several thousand dollars more and even then would not be well satisfied. I had reached the point where I really did not wish to listen to recorded music...
The few things you have recommended including keeping the speaker cables off the floor, proper cleaning of CDs and LPs, and most importantly the Maple Speaker Plinths for my floor standing speakers have managed to triple my audio reception and to hear my music better than I ever have in the past. Now at the age of 87 years I can finally fully appreciate good music -- thanks to you. I will be planning to contact you again in the not-too-distant future. - Robert H

I just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with the 4 inch maple stands I purchased for my Focal 1027s. They improved my sound beyond my expectations. I was using the Focals on a concrete floor which I thought at the time was way to go assuming since there was no flexing I was getting all the sound there was to get. Wrong. Even my wife who is not an audiophile could easily hear how much better the speakers sounded on these 4inch maple platforms, I can now easily hear into the recordings getting closer to performance and hearing all the little cues that one gets when hearing live music. I also find myself flipping over records to hear the other side of the lp. I can't say that my highs are higher or my lows are lower but what I would say is that there is much more clarity and naturalness. Best wishes. Tom Martin

Just wanted to let you know that I have been very impressed by this product.  The speaker plinths have greatly improved the sound quality of my speakers, Sehring 703s, $9,000 speakers.  The $630 investment in your plinths brings the speaker to a whole new level.  Overall, the bass frequencies are greatly enhanced, with much better definition than before.  Treble for some reason is also better, with a more relaxed sound that used to tend toward edgy and fatiguing.  Even my wife (who is not really into audio) is impressed by how much better our audio system sounds with the speakers sitting on the Mapleshade 4" plinths. So, thanks for providing a good product. This was money well spent in my book. - Mark C.

To begin with my concerns about adding approx. six inches of height to my speakers turned out to be unfounded with the result of a slight attenuation of HF which is good in my room which is a bit under damped, my choice. Another result gave me an additional six inches in sound stage height, a good thing.

After the upgrade, things sure did sound different, not better just different! After this it took 2-3hrs. of familiar listening for my ears to begin to sort out what was really happening with my system. Listening to CDs with certain familiar characteristics allowed me to experience some really exciting improvements in my speakers. Man, I was getting cranked up with what I was beginning to hear!

It is difficult to describe what it is in a speaker that gets you closer to the music, I'm talking about  involvement with the music or when listening to a soloist you can hear every note clearly. I suppose it is because most things are complementing instead of contradicting. Another way to look at it is, more energy is getting to the music and less energy is getting to noise and feedback.

If I would simplify a conclusion I would say increased clarity and naturalness to the ear.
One last comment which may be of interest, prior to the upgrade my usual volume control setting was mostly about # 17 on my ARC LS-26 preamp after the upgrade it has been adjusted to about #18, What's up with that ?? Is it possible that Mr. Maplewood is sucking up about 1 1/2 db of grunge for me? Thanks for your excellent products, I am very pleased !  - Dick A.

I received your 2" Carpet Piercing Speaker Plinths two days ago. I have a pair of Totem Forests which sounded superb prior to adding the Plinths. The speaker with their ball bearing feet were sitting of carpet which pretty much negated the benefit of the ball bearing feet. So, having experimented with points through carpet with past speakers, I was fairly confident I would hear some improvement. However, I wasn't prepared for the level of improvement. Every aspect of the speakers was improved. Bass extension, treble clarity, transparency, imaging and soundstage all showed impressive improvement. This is all in a tough room.

I thought $475 was a bit steep but with a 30 day return policy I could always return them. All I can say is that they will not be returned and I certainly got at least $475 improvement in sound. Excellent product!!! - Robert Vosteen