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Customer Testimonials


I asked Mrs. Claus for three presents--Mikrosmooth, Optrix, and Ionoclast--this year, and she came through with flying colors! I treated my first CD (RCA 1965 recording - digital remaster of Rubenstein playing Chopin Nocturnes) with all three yesterday evening. It has played non-stop for almost 24 hours and I continue to say things such as, "I can't believe it" and "I'm blown away", and "This can't be real"! My wife's first comment was "I'm glad you're enjoying your snake oil, Dear." I forced her to sit down and listen to her favorite nocturne, and she too was surprisingly stunned by such things as the attacks of individual notes and by lightly played sustained bass notes that role on for what seems to be an infinite amount of time! I have played this CD hundreds of times prior to treating yesterday, but it now plays as if my entire system has undergone massive upgrades! Your catalogue claims that the improvements are not subtle--that certainly is true, but your description falls way short of what is happening! Every aspect of the music has improved! You name it--it has improved!

My $7500 BAT CD player has excellent ability to resolve musical details in a life-like way, but your triple pack of CD treatments makes it sound like I have spent thousands and thousands of additional dollars in upgrades or in a far superior player. I truly am at a loss for words; nothing I say can demonstrate what has happened to the music on this disc. It IS unbelievable! The music on this standard redbook CD is now nothing short of being incredibly beautiful! Thanks so much for these awesome products at very affordable prices! - D. Smith

I strongly recommend the Ionoclast for a cheap and effective tweak. I find the most consistent benefit to come from application to the label side of a cd. Usage on the label and the music side is more variable sometimes sounding bass shy. Used only on the label I have only had good results where sound is improved in many ways - soundstage dimension, roundness, localization, etc. - Shad U

I'm a budding audiophile who just recently discovered Mapleshade. I have a ~$7K system that I listen to music (live concert) DVD's and some regular CD's. About 3 months ago I ordered some Mikro-Smooth and Optrix, but didn't believe (at the time) that the Ionoclast could do much for my system.

I did notice some ever so slight improvements from the Mikro-Smooth/Optrix combination. I've also been using a green permanent marker (Sharpie) to mask the edges, center areas and top edge of my DVD's/CD's and noticed some improvement as well. A few of my music DVD's despite all these efforts have continued to sound harsh, congested, and "digital" especially at the volumes I enjoy (85-90 dB). So needless to say, I ended up not playing them very much and even thought about re-selling them.

Well, I got the itch to try some more of your magical tweaking products so I ordered and just received the Silclear and an Ionoclast. Upon first inspection I thought, "Yeah, like this Ionoclast is going to do something...I think I just wasted my money". I couldn't try it right then, so upon returning home later I decided to try it on one of the DVD's that I described as sounding "harsh" and "digital". This was a DVD I had already treated with Mikro-Smooth and Optrix when it arrived a few weeks ago. So I zapped it with the Ionoclast as recommended in your instructions. I did the top and bottom and even the tray of my DVD player.

Boy was I AMAZED! I mean I was shocked at the difference. The Ionoclast transformed this congested/harsh/noisy/digital sounding DVD. It wasn't even close to the same. Pouring out of my system was this beautiful rich, round, full, non-fatiguing MUSIC. Instruments were more separated with a definitive 3-D presence. The top and bottom end were both fuller and smoother. RICH wonderful sound was pouring from a DVD that I was previously disappointed in. After a couple tracks (I mean I was trying to convince myself I wasn't dreaming), I zapped another DVD that I felt had the same issues. BAM, the exact same effect occurred but even more dramatic than the first. I was cranking up the music waiting for it to sound harsh and it never happened. I was playing it far louder than previously possible and it was just sounding fantastic. A live performance was happening in my room!

I can't wait to zap my entire collection and re-discover some discs. And I haven't even tried the Silclear! I can't wait to go home tonight and treat every single connection. I'm counting down the hours!

Thanks for discovering these wonderful principles and sharing them! Now if more people could only discover what they have been missing...
Ionoclast is a phenomenal product. - Steve J.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your dedication to the craft of quality music reproduction.  I've been into highend for close to 20 years now, and am pretty skeptical about tweaks etc., but virtually everything I have tried of yours has made a HUGE difference.

I first got introduced to your gear by my best "audio bud" in town, who is a fan of your stuff.  I am now using one of your heavy duty maple platforms (with Heavyfeet as well) under my turntable, and Heavyfeet under my speakers as well.

But this past week, I finally broke down and tried two of your "tweaks" - the Tube Anchors and Ionoclast (which my buddy Joe had demo'd to me at his house - made an AMAZING difference on his CDs).  The Tube Anchor radically improved the sound of my ARC SP14 - quieter, tighter bass, better imaging.  But the Ionoclast!!!  I tried it just this afternoon, and was SHOCKED.   I'm a vinyl-only guy, and was STUNNED by the result: the noise I had (all these years) presumed was "surface noise" from my well-used LPs turned out to be noise from STATIC CHARGE.  The Ionoclast purged this noise, and now my LPs - even well-worn ones - sound so silent it's almost like playing CDs.  INCREDIBLE!

Your products have so radically enhanced my system - and listening experiences - that I just had to write to you directly and say THANK YOU!!!!!  - Dr. Steven M.