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Customer Testimonials


Just wanted to let you know I received the interconnects and spent the weekend applying the Silclear, connecting the Excaliber with PLUS and listening. I have to tell you that not only was the improvement in sound obvious, it was stunning. A much more precise and melodic bass, a rounder and more full piano with improved clarity as the notes diminish... in general greater clarity and detail throughout. Plus, the edginess and graininess on the high end is virtually gone -- a major improvement for me as my top-end hearing is causing some difficulty. And these are all improvements in sound before I tinkered with readjusting speaker location. Thanks very much for talking with me and your insights. My only problem now is I need to upgrade my other interconnects -- but that's an okay problem to have. - Allan

In my humble opinion, these are the most transparent cables I have ever heard. The increase in transparency was passed right along to my speakers even though I only use heavy gage zip cord for speaker wires. This leads me to believe that interconnects have more of an effect on sound than speaker wire although I have heard the opposite stated. - Douglas V.

"I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful interconnects I bought from your catalogue two weeks ago. It took about ten hours of playing music & about a week of running current through them before they 'opened up', but when they finally did they proved to be everything you promised: sweet & extended in treble, tight in bass, detailed but not analytical - in short, highly musical. I think they're significantly better than the Nordost Blue Heaven cables they replaced, cables which I rather like but which sound cold & unmusical in comparison with your Double Helix." All the best, Gary H.

First, the wires are amazing! I've just ordered 2 more of the interconnects. I could hear a difference instantly! Your Clearview Double Golden Helix (Speaker) Cable provides more detail and clarity than the Kimber 8TC speaker cable, Monster Bi-wire and LAT Bi-Wire I have tried in the past. I am very happy with these cables and now my complete system uses your Clearviews.

Second, the recordings are beautiful - very rich and natural. Your sound is what I aspired to when I had my studio. I used very minimalist techniques but not to the extent that you do. Thanks, Eliott James