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Customer Testimonials


The Heavyhat Triplepoionts that I have tried really work. They replaced a Bright Star Little Rock which dampened the sound too much. With the Triplepoints, the owner can 'fine tune' by adding appropriate weight on the equipment. The end result is a much more focus sound. – EC

I just received the HeavyHat vibe killers. Wow, the immediate increase in transparency, detail, bass punch--and musicality were engaging. My system includes Classe 201 amp, Magnepan 3.5 speakers, Lynn Sondek/Ittok/Shure V15mxr, B&K Pro MC10 preamp, and Cal Audio ICON Mk.II CD. The CD player was on Sesmic Sink platform with DH cones and squares. DH cones/squares also under B&K preamp on (the) shelf. The sound was quite good. However, after I experimented with the Heavyhats, the large one ended up on top of the Icon in the center and the two smaller one on the preamp--center, spread apart. The sound just opened up--detail, spaciousness and overall musicality. Thanks for the HeavyHats, a great product at a reasonable price that makes a remarkable improvement in the sound. - Jim Carlsen

I asked my 20 year old son to have a seat next to me for a listen. I thought I would need a second person to verify any difference which I may or may not hear with the HeavyHats. They seemed to belong in that realm of "voodoo" products that a few companies offer but don't do squat for the sound! We listened to a 15 or 20 second segment of music (without the HeavyHats on the amp) that we were both very familiar with. I then placed the HeavyHats on my amp and we played the same piece of music. NO settings were changed on the preamp. The difference/improvement in sound was noticed immediately! We both looked at each other in disbelief. I asked him to tell me if he just heard what I heard. He heard the exact same things that I did. The bass was more dynamic. Piano notes were much more smooth and sustained. The mucic was more three dimensional! It seems like a "ringing" for lack of a better word, was removed from the music! I have never heard such a dramatic improvement for the better unless I've upgraded a component or changed to silver cables! Absolutely unbelievable! I would never have believed someone if they told me I might have this drastic a change on my sound system. Truly the best buy for the dollar I have made in my 26 years of HiFiing! - Mark Spears

I tried one of the Hemispherical HeavyHats. I had tried other materials before, and I thought they had damped the sound of my CD player.  I did not want to use lead, as it was an unsafe material, so when I came across your website, I'll thought I'll give it a try.

The HeavyHats were different - they seemed to have removed a "ringing" feel to the music I was not aware of previously. There is now a striking vibrancy and palpable presence to the music that was not there before.

I'm keeping these - what more can a customer say? - JL