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Customer Testimonials


Just got a set of these wires to use on my Orphean bass bins - 100 dB/W sensitive bass cabs with 15" drivers, 400 Hz down. Replaced some more expensive Wireworld cable. Your cable made an outstanding improvement in bass clarity and definition - amazing! I am probably going to order another set for my other system, built around Zu Druids. - Paul F.

I received a set of your Golden Helix speaker cables and do have to say you guys really put your money where your mouth is. The soundstage has taken on a whole new meaning. I am very very impressed with your product. You turned a skeptic into real believer. - Edward

I was initially skeptical about your claims about the effectiveness of the Golden Helix speaker cables. I hooked them up this weekend and was absolutely stunned and impressed by the immediate difference that they made. The soundstage on my reference disc (Gov't Mule - Life Before Insanity) took on a whole new depth, the bass was noticeably deeper & clearer, the vocals and guitar took on a startling new sense of smooth presence. My compliments on a fantastic product - an unbelievable deal for a major sonic upgrade! - Norman

The realism these cables convey is... well, unreal! they are so MUSICAL in the truest sense - uncolored, transparent and rhythmically involving. they get completely the fuck out of the way and allow my relatively modest $3k hi-fi to perform like one that sounds more like it costs $10k! they are everything they're advertised to be. best $85 I've ever spent... on ANYTHING. thank you, Pierre! - Frank

I am blown away, I just ordered more speaker cable! I was skeptical about the amount of difference any cable would make, so I am not an authority on the differences among good cable.

However, I hooked up one channel and started playing music. Standing in front of the channel with the Clearview Golden Helix Speaker Cable, the sound was definitely more clear than the standard cable.

I walked over to the other channel and could not believe how "muddy" the sound was by comparison.

It is obvious to me that any system would benefit greatly from this cable, if it is only hooked up with standard cable.

I work in the Motion Picture Sound industry and it is now surprising to me how many professionals just use standard cable.

Thank you for your research, it is going to make listening to my music collection new again.

Your pricing and return policy makes just trying the cables on whim enticing, which is what I did. Thanks again. - John

I bought a pair of 12' Golden Helix Plus cables and after installing them I immediately noticed a significant improvement. The music was tighter, cleaner, better defined, more involving. In a word: better! It's the best $200 I've spent in a long, long time. I was rather skeptical about how much improvement these speaker cables would provide, but after listening to them for just a short time I'm now more than totally satisfied. Thanks for a great product! - Mark

I have been a philosophy professor for 15 years, and if that means anything, it means I am a fairly well-trained skeptic. As I ordered your Golden Helix speaker cables, I was fully expecting that I would not to be able to hear a difference and would to send them back to you for a refund. (Partly I doubted that my 52 year-old ears could pick up very subtle differences, which is the very most I expected could occur.) I carefully listened to a well known source (Mahler #1, Levi/ASO on Telarc) using my TARA Phase II cables, then switched them out.

There was immediately a very distinct and clearly discernable difference, primarily in the depth of the soundstage. Then I began to notice more air around the instruments. And more detail. I started playing more CDs, and soon realized that there was going to be more pleasure for me in listening to everything.

I'm currently bi-wiring, using the Helix to the treble and the Phase II's to the bass of my Totem Forest speakers. That is marginally better than just using the Helix with a jumper. When I can afford it, I will buy another 8 ft. run of the Helix to use instead of the TARA.

Someday I hope to buy two 12 ft runs to use to bi-wire the system our living room.

Thanks very much. You have helped to improve my life. - Greg Wei

(The Mapleshade CD by Chris Anderson) "Love Locked Out" made a believer of me...the Golden Helix speaker cable came a couple of days later and completely astounded me. I wore my old hip out running around playing selections from my favorite albums. To my surprise, I found myself singing along with Sinatra. I swear, I never sounded so good! My long-time lady friend says instruments now 'float in the air'. Let me know if any cults form around you guys. - George Bittancourt

Just wanted to drop a line and say the Clearview Golden Helix speaker wire is incredible. Now, my wife and I don't have what you'd called a high-end system: a Rega Planar 2, a pair of Signet 260B's, a BBE that somehow got officially into the system, and some Denon, NAD, and Yamaha. We have used Monster Cable for years and tried various other brands (even Vampyre Wire). Our collection of about 1000 CD's and 7000 LP's (from my buddy Karl Stockhausen to the Butthole Surfers to Hedningarna to Carla Bley (and daughter) have all suffered a noticeable loss in (until now) "extras" buried deep in tracks as well as what I believe is known as "imaging". Thank you so much! - Sincerely, Tony Pizzini

Hi. I just received my pair of your Golden Helix Speaker Cables. Listening to the first song right now. Two words --My God! Thanks! ~Kevin N.

Got the Golden Helix's a week ago, I immediately unhooked the previous cable, hooked up your cable and sat down, bracing myself for the temporary (sometimes) buyer's remorse I usually feel when replacing an old burned in component with a new one. Well, that feeling never came, your cable is truly a "giant killer" in my system. Everything improved, the music seemed to be a lot closer to my ears and my heart. It is truly as if a layer of skin has been taken off my CDs and I am now that much closer to my favorite music. I find myself listening longer and (listening) to tracks on CDs that I had previously skipped over. Really a great cable, highly recommended. Oh yeah, the Goliath your David bested, four thousand dollar Synergistic Research Designer's Reference. More music for three thousand nine hundred and fifteen dollars less, a good deal if I ever saw one. - Sincerely, Henri Tero

I received your speaker cable and 4 CDs. Wow, do you ever know what you are doing.

The cable: I've parked my $200+ garden hose MIT Term II bi-wire for your tiny single wire connection. It sounds cleaner and clearer with no loss of bass or dynamics. I really notice that as I use a Placette Pre.

The recordings: I have a Sony SACD player and I swear your recordings sound like SACD -- at the least.

I will order more in the future, and I will tell my friends. If some day in the future you can buy and sell Bill Gates, I will have have no problem with that either.

Congratulations and thanks, Dennis Erwin

We have replaced our Transparent Audio (The Wave 200) cables with the new Golden Helix set and, to our surprise (being the eternal skeptics that we are) can really tell the difference. We're using an Arcam Alpha 10 amplifier into Dynaudio Contour 1.8 speakers. Lifting the cables off the carpet really helped, too. We're starting to believe what has always sounded like voodoo to us - until now.

We've also tried the Mikro-Smooth polishing kit on a few of our really great sounding CDs, and all we can say is - Wow! The improvement is truly amazing. Great stuff! Yours truly, Charlie and Gail Neumann

I never write people, but I had to write to you about something that you already know and have been reporting in your catalogues....for the money, your Golden Helix speaker cables kick butt!!! I've been buying and THOROUGHLY enjoying your CDs for a few years now (I'm on your mailing list), but never thought to try your "hardware". I picked these babies up off of Audiogon on a lark, plugged them in and immediately put my Goertz MI 2 Veracity cables up for wasn't even close!!!

I'll be switching to your interconnect cables (from Goertz and Clarity) and tweaks in the near future. I've been listening for years and NEVER has a cable made such a difference in my enjoyment of music. I just finished putting a personal review on Audioasylum about these cables and I'm going to pass the word to my audio buddies.

Thanks for a killer product at such a fair price, Glenn Mills

With my $25,000 system composed of mostly tube electronics, I listened to my system with the feeling that it had more potential. My speaker cables from my tube amp to my floor standers were a pair of Synergistic Research Signature 10 Active X. The speakers were bi-wired with a pair of Audioquest GR-8 for the lows. All in all a 1000.00 combination. But I was not happy. Music sounded slow, lifeless. Transients were dull with a slow attack. It was like there was a cloud or a curtain over my speakers.

I've tried Kimber 4tc/8tc combos and this wire although a value was not as smooth as the Synergistics. Being a believer of less is more when it comes to tube electronics(less capacitance), I decided to try a pair of the Golden Helix Speaker Cable. I received a 2 pair of the Golden Helix Speaker Cables with the intention of bi-wiring. I let them break in for 24 hours and sat back with my reference recording and WOW! The curtain was gone. The music was alive again. Transients were snappy and fast. And the bass was not only tight (which was as expected) but ULTRA LOW. Imaging was in your face real and it was a total stand up the hair on the back of your neck feeling again. Love these things now I'm ready to try the interconnects! Thanks for the experience!!! - Rodney Rosal

Folks, for 85 bucks you can't go wrong. All noise vanished -- just pure sound is left. Totally unanticipated, but what a surprise. I didn't know my speaker cables were so noisy until I replaced them with these.

Bass became warm and smooth, the bottom end extended, but it never intruded. I've got "low end of the high end" gear, and the result was extremely impressive. The name-brand cables would have cost me hundreds to thousands more.

Don't pass up the "Free Audio Upgrades" in the catalog to improve your sound. The 'wooden buttons under the speakers' worked so well, I used them on my PC speakers too. After that little revelation, I plan on purchasing some maple speaker stands (model TBD), the power strip, and SilClear is next on my list to try. The suggestions and / or products they recommend range from not outrageously expensive, to very affordable, to free and work great. Thanks, Mapleshade! Regards, Gary Elrod

I was not pleased with the sound of the Goertz MI2 I was getting on my Harbeth speakers so I thought I'd try the Golden Helix. With Mapleshade's return policy, there was nothing to lose. After ordering, I had them in 4 days. The GH are thin and somewhat stiff, but cable routing was easy. As recommended, they are elevated off the floor. Break-in was fairly quick- about 10 hours.

They sound fantastic, even more so given their low price. Compared to the MI2, the GH are quicker and cleaner. Leading transients are much sharper and there is less haze compared to the MI2. Low level resolution is more precise. All in all a steal for money. - Mike M.

Just wanted to let you know I received a set of your bi-wire jumpers and a pair of your Golden Helix speaker cables today, and the difference between them and the Audioquest stuff I had hooked up prior is ASTONISHING. Right off the bat, not broken in, your cords completely opened up my speakers; the difference isn't subtle.  (At least I got the Audioquest at cost; it's off to E-bay.) Thank you. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't hear it.  Best, Jamie H.