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Customer Testimonials


A quick note of thanks for the time you spent helping me configure new speaker stands for my KEF Ref's. Received the entire shipment two days ago and have completed the setup. First Observation - the speakers 'look' worlds better lower to the ground and on the Maple Gibraltars. They simply 'disappeared' from the room and no longer dominate the space. I never cared much about the WAF (she gets her jewelry, I get my audio equipment and neither of us are allowed to complain about the other's indulgences), however I was taken aback when my wife walked into our office and quickly oohed and aahed at the sight of the new Gibraltars. She went on at length about their good looks...Second Observation - with the brass footers piercing the carpeting and the MegaMounts beneath the speakers, the KEF's made a quantum move up in performance. Not subtle in any way. No doubt you hear this feedback often - a leap forward in coherence, transparency, articulation, bass extension and tightness, dynamics, soundstage, etc. Now a more open, full-range, neutral-sounding speaker. Just terrific in every way. Installation was not difficult either. Tried about four tilt positions with the MegaMount 'til I found the right angle. Must say that for an office environment where you are sitting at a fixed height in a chair and not able to position one's self optimally vis a vis speakers, the abiltiy to fire the speakers to the correct listening height, via adjustable tilt, is a great feature. Like most audio lunatics I am a constant tweaker - sometimes with good efffect and sometimes not. That's the fun (and cost) of it. Rarely, and luckily, we discover a tweak that justifies our endless search for better audio performance. I now count Mapleshade as one of those few, truly great finds. And to think it doesnt end here. Next to arrive are your equipment platforms for my headphone amp.

Since I also installed some upgraded cables/cords via James at Stefan Audio Art at the same time as your speaker stands I'll have to give some credit there too. Also, thanks to James for referring me to Mapleshade for the stands and platforms. One very pleased and thankful customer, Brad G.

Just a short note to let you know how much I like the Gibraltar speaker stands, my Totem Mani 2 have never sounded so good. I had Target 4 post, sand filled (stands) and your stands blow them away. I would have never guessed how moving them closer to the floor would improve the sound. I love your catalogue with the improvements you have, most of them worked on my system. Thanks - Dave