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Customer Testimonials


Wow, your Mapleshade Upgrade Stands for the Gallo Ref 3.1s made a palpable difference in the sound of our system here. Deeper base, better attack and decay on the cymbals and more realistic voice resonance. Thanks for your coaching on exactly how to setup these speakers to minimize room effects. Your products and services are a delight. Thanks for making stereo fun again. - Daniel S.

I've recently purchased your Gallo Reference 3 speaker upgrade stands.

I'll admit I initially gave pause to the idea of spending more than 1/3 of the speaker's purchase price on this upgrade, but I've enjoyed several other Mapleshade products and thought I'd give them a try.

Out of the box, the stands are simply gorgeous, and clearly extremely well made. Once installed, they simply look "right" on the Ref 3s. Once played...well, I won't fish for Stereophile words to describe the improvement your product has made in my system. Let's just say they do all you claim, and more.

In sum, I'm extremely pleased with this product.  Thanks again for taking the time to discuss both your products and my system, I appreciate your insights, and am looking forward to my next purchase from Mapleshade. - Chris P

"I deliberated long and hard over purchasing a pair of 4" stands for my Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers (which I loved - or thought I did). The decision was made even tougher by the fact that I wanted the stands in Natural Cherry lacquer, which, being a custom finish, made them non-returnable should I not like them.  I finally bit the bullet and placed my order; a few weeks later they arrived. I installed them following the well laid out instructions and sat down for a listen.  I have to tell you, I was blown away!

The improvement in bass level and solidity as well as increased overall definition can only be described as mind-boggling.  My beloved Gallos never sounded this good - not even close.  Everything sounds better, and not just a little bit better - a LOT better.  These upgrade stands are by far the biggest bang for the buck of any 'upgrade' I've made to my system. Knowing what I now know I wouldn't have hesitated for a second in making this purchase. Highly recommended!" - Len S.

Its Christmas day and as I sit enjoying yuletide tunes through my Mapleshade blessed system I am overcome with the desire to extend thanks to the entire Mapleshade family. So what better way than to spread the gospel about one of the many wonderful sound transforming Mapleshade products I have been enjoying lately :Gallo Ref 3 4 inch replacement plinth. I will get right to the point with these. If Gallo Ref 3s are your reference speakers you are not hearing anything near what they are capable of using the undersized stock bases. You are listening to a compromised crippled Gallo. These conclusions were formed after about two seconds of listening with the beautiful and elegantly massive new legs installed. Improvement is an understatement here . The difference across the whole audio spectrum is so profound it is literally like hearing this fantastic loudspeaker for the first time. I am now convinced this is one of the finest transducers ever engineered. Wait until you hear the bass! This hobby can be so much fun! Don't fence sit with this upgrade I promise you it will be one of, if not the best audio decisions you have ever made. Oh and did I mention they are gorgeous! Happy listening with your new Gallos. As usual, fantastic product! Merry Christmas to you and the wonderful Mapleshade family. - Jack M.