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Customer Testimonials


I just received my 12' pair of your Double Helix speaker cables with PLUS upgrade. I must say "WOW" comes to mind as I first heard them. they are definitely all that they are cracked up to be -- and then some. You do mention that with the PLUS upgrade to allow 150-300hrs of burn in with music....these sound incredible right out of the box. How much better can they possibly sound? Thanks. - Phil P.

I gotta tell you.....all the years of buying, auditioning and frustration, knowing I can't afford the absolute best speaker cable and interconnects. And your plus series double helix, is on a par with the Nordost Valhalla, Audioquest, XLO Signature and my current Ixos Ixotica (actually blows these away) for less than four hundred bucks. You should be shot for two things, first not having me discover your product years ago, and secondly, for treating the buying public more than fairly in the price department. In all seriousness, Thank You, my search is over. - KC

The thing about delusion is that it becomes addictive. Sure, you know what you know because you know, and it feels so good to know. Now that I have left the wasteland that  was my prior knowledge, I have become a member of SPIA, Speaker Wire Idiots  - Anonymous.

I have hooked all sorts of wire up to my speakers over the years. I have figured voltage loss, damping factor. Big wire, stranded wire, plated wire, insulated wire, you name it, I have tried it. Even big names like Nordost, which I admit were pretty #$%@ good, Kimber, MIT,  oh yeah I've been around the block with copper, alloys, silver. Something was always, well, not right.

Then I came across Mapleshade and Pierre. Pierre is enthusiastic in his pitch, and radical in his approach. He and I spent a good half-hour on the phone discussing and debunking wire theory. Well, truth be known, I proposed and he disposed. Like an addict during an intercession, I bobbed and weaved through every excuse, theory, and dodge I could think of. 

To Pierre's credit, he just came at me head on. He had obviously heard it all before. He told me how he came up with his wires by experimentation and if I didn't like them to just send them back. No problem, no risk, just the opportunity to be totally and absolutely wrong about speaker wire.

I ordered the Double Helix version. I looked forward to receiving the delivery from Mapleshade. When an envelope arrived, I initially thought it was an invoice. When I opened it up, I found two impossibly small, featherweight, and odd looking curls of wire.  I dutifully hooked them up according to the all too simple directions. When I lit up my system, I honestly thought they might melt and I wouldn't have anything to send back. Then the music started. As my teenage daughter says, "oh, my GOD."

Clear, distinct, immediate reproductions of instruments were presented, each clearly discernable in timber and place. The bass was full without boominess or monotonality. The Mid-range was right there in front of me, live. And the high end was spectacular. Loud or soft, subtle or forceful, the program source didn't matter. It all sounded mind-bendingly real.  Suddenly everything was right. 

As they have broken in, they have gained even more clarity and warmth. The Double Helix Speaker Cables are my Holy Grail of sound. I am deluded no more. Thanks Pierre. I'll be at the meeting next week.- Gregory B.

The Double Golden's are everything you claim them to be. They crushed my Straight Wire Maestro's (and a number of other extremely expensive cables). I had enough lead to run the cables without the need of jumpers on my Martin-Logan SL-3's, and the result was amazing.

I worked as an Art Director for Martin-Logan and had access to some serious stuff in cables. I can honestly say nothing compares to the Double Helix. To be concise, the Double Helix's brought the music into the room like nothing else - from top to bottom.

I will by purchasing all your interconnects and cables. Thanks for the excellent advise on my Edge amp, also. - Dennis Atkinson

First, the wires are amazing! I've just ordered 2 more of the interconnects. I could hear a difference instantly! Your Clearview Double Golden Helix (Speaker) Cable provides more detail and clarity than the Kimber 8TC speaker cable, Monster Bi-wire and LAT Bi-Wire I have tried in the past. I am very happy with these cables and now my complete system uses your Clearviews.

Second, the recordings are beautiful - very rich and natural. Your sound is what I aspired to when I had my studio. I used very minimalist techniques but not to the extent that you do.

Thanks, Eliott James