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Customer Testimonials


This Platform is a must for all hi-end CD or DVD players. I use it with the Triplepoints underneath my Sony scd777es with great improvements thru out the audio bandwidth. Two thumbs up! - Tom Pho

The Mapleshade Platform with Isoblocks sounds better than anything I've tried so far under my Edison 60 integrated tube amp and Rega turntable. It seams to isolate and drain (through the Triplepoints) all bad vibes from the components with unparalleled neutrality. The midrange and highs are clear without a hint of grain and the bass is much more controlled and defined. Imaging is very accurate. Highly recommended. - Julien Maculan

I started tweaking my Sennheiser HD-600 system several years ago. I started with the Wheatfield HA-1 tube amp. with upgraded tubes. Since I started, I added an EVS Millennium 1B Dac,a GW Labs Dsp upsampler,Z digital cables, Stefan AudioArt HD-600 cable, BPT Power conditioner and Homegrown Silver Lace interconnects.

I was very happy with my system. The last thing I would consider was Vibration Control. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I placed the Millenium Dac on top of a set of Triplepoint brass footers and a 15" x 18" Mapleshade Platform and a set of Heavyfeet. My system transformed into a pathway to hear a clear image of music I did not think possible. Crystal clear images, tightly focused, Dynamic and Real. Thank you Pierre Sprey for yor time and expert advice. - Mark Rubin

I've been using the Mapleshade isolation system (4 inch maple, Triplepoint footers and Isoblocks) under two components: my Accuphase DP 90 transport, and my Berning Siegfried 300B amp. Let me be very clear. In 12 years of audiophilia, I have never heard a more impressive upgrade. We are out of the land of tweaks and well into the realm of alchemy here. Pierre has artfully tuned brass, wood, rubber and cork and breathed real life into the silicon, glass, metal and ABS of my system.

The Mapleshade system retired the Vibraplane that had graced my system for 5 years—easily. It took just 10 minutes of listening--the easiest A/B comparison I've ever done. It outclassed a new cone product that uses ceramic balls much like the Aurios.

What's special about it? Everything. The first time I listened, it was visceral. The muscles in my temples just relaxed and went "AHHHHH." Hey, I didn't think they were tight before, but you always realize these things retroactively. Color, dynamics, bass, articulation, treble extension—pick any audiophile goody you choose. It digs into the message of the music deeply. It didn't matter what disk I spun, I was riveted. I'll close by stealing a line from Frank Doris a few years ago: "It blew me away to a point I thought I was too jaded to reach anymore." - David Zigas

I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the maple platforms, but over the course of several days (listening sessions) and some experimenting, I have to admit, Pierre is right, the maple does offer the best of all sound worlds. It clearly made my Pioneer Stable Platter, Model PD-65 sing!!

...The best way I can describe the sound of the brass cones/maple platform/w isoblocks is that I can hear much deeper into the sound stage. Everything is much clearer now with the brass cones. I can hear triangles and other bells that I never heard before, and it makes a singer's voice sound much smoother and actually does kind of clean up some of the harshness that is inherent in most CD's nowadays. The bass is much more defined now (more solid sounding). A more fuller sounding bass. When I order my next platform for my tube amp, I think I'll order an unfinished one and (finish) it myself. Not that the finished maple platform isn't nicely done, it's just that I've decided I can put a hand rubbed finish on just about as well myself and save the extra cash for more CD's.

Bottomline: I don't think you can go wrong buying the 2" Mapleshade Platform with the isoblocks, and brass footers. It's probably the best thing that I have done to my system in quite a while. It has restored the excitement back into my system. I had gotten away from listening to music for a while there, but now have gotten back into listening to my system more, because the sound is that much more alive sounding than before. And, isn't that what all of us audiophiles want out of our systems to get that "you are there" live sound? I think I may eventually try your power strip out also and see how much better it makes my system sound than my old Chang Lite speed power line filter... Again, I want to thank you for all your help and explanations you gave me in earlier emails. - Bob Matthews, Fairfax Station, VA