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Customer Testimonials


Thanks for all the trouble it took to get the custom threaded feet for my preamp. The first set came without the threads - they looked too cool to send right back, so I unscrewed the cheap plastic feet from my Pioneer DVD 525 (cheap) DVD player. Just for the heck of it I stuck in the Prince Of Egypt DVD. I couldn't believe it! The picture was WAY clearer. No joke.

The sound improved as well, in all the usual audiophile ways - improved clarity being foremost. NO WAY I was sending these back. Instead I ordered another unthreaded set for my amp. The whole system is now sitting up on SUREFEET. Not only does is sound better, they really, really look great. The quality and heft of these feet is impressive. I can only say that I heartily recommend them. The woodscrew threaded set under my preamp made the biggest difference of all.

Anyhow, great product. When I get some extra cash I'm thinking of giving your interconnects a try... Thanks again, Chuck Drake

Upgrades can be tricky. I have had the pleasure of placing threaded Megafeet on a pair of Paradigm Signature 8 speakers with incredible results.  We are talking a significant improvement in overall bass response, a clarity which appeared out of thin air.  I'd heartily recommend Paradigm to consider these footers on all of their tower speakers!  Mapleshade has pulled a proverbial rabbit out of the hat with these Megafeet.  Wow!  No trick, all treat for the ears!  24 pounds of brass equals a lifetime of incredible sound!! Expensive...yes.  Worth the investment, absolutely! - Steve D.

I was shocked by the build and finish of your thick carpet piercing heavy foot cone points yesterday when I received them in the mail. It is rock solid and the heaviest cone point I have ever used in my system. I never expect a cone point is this heavy.

I have been using a set of three (feather-like) plastic and metal combined cheap cone points underneath my new Manley Lab Steelhead. It made slight improvements. But after I installed your Heavy Foot cone points, the improvements were shocking. - Kenneth