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Customer Testimonials


Any Quad guy knows about the love/hate relationship that comes along with these fantastic speakers. If you can get them set up right, look out. They can be addictive and keep you up all night flipping through music. But then there's those extremely frustrating moments when one loud note can make them clip and shut down. And the bass; if there was just a little bit more..... I've been adding Mapleshade tweaks to my system for years with fantastic results. But when I finally upgraded from my ESL63's to a new pair of 2905's I decided to go all the way. First I replaced the factory power cords with your Clearview Double Helix MK2 Plus. Amazingly, they played louder with a lot more detail. It was a terrific upgrade for not much money. Anyone with Quads should just do this. But then I perched them up on a pair of your 21"x19"x4" Maple Plinths with Brass Heavyfeet and carefully measured them in. Whoa.... Absolutely shocking! And where did that bass come from? Kick drums, deep organ notes; bring em on. All with still a lot more detail against a dead silent background. Looks like another late night! Thanks again Pierre. - Spence R.

I could afford only one upgrade for my Alesis Masterlink cd player/recorder, and I chose a Double Helix Power Cord. A/B comparisons with the stock Alesis cord (headphones plugged straight into the machine) reveal a smoother frequency response. Treble is clear and present, but digital brittleness is satisfyingly diminished. I can crank the volume louder, with less ear fatigue. I enjoy digital more with this cord. - Eric R.

The addition of this power cord has so improved the sound of the Scott that it has re invigorated my enthusiasm for this diminutive tubed wonder. The noise floor has dropped significantly allowing even more subtle detail and just jaw-unhinged transparency.  These were strong points of the Scott before but now have reached a whole other level. Dynamic slam has also doubled along with warmth, treble airiness and soundstage depth and width. A good analogy would be its like removing layers of film and grunge from a pane of glass( I know redundant but it fits ). Let me preface this next observation by first stating this: I do not coddle this amp by only listening to small scale audiophile recordings that make boom boxes sound high end, because some may consider it "low powered" . Yes I listen to and love such recordings and they sound nothing short of magical through the Scott but I also feed it a steady dose of heavy tracks from such bands as Nine inch nails, Slayer, National Razor, Toxic Holocaust, in addition to some rap and hip hop. My point? The already impressive speed, verve and bass extension have exploded. This amp is now hell on wheels! Its strutting its stuff like never before. If you bought the Scott without the Clearview get it. What an amazing difference! - Jack M.