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Customer Testimonials


My system configuration consists of the Oppo BDP-93 disc player, the Denon AVR-3311CI receiver, and the Sony SS-B3000 speakers, which are connected using the 16AWG Ultra XStream speaker wires {very cheap}. I have to admit that the sound quality by default was already very incredible. Ever since I added the Double Helix MK1 Power Conditioning Strip and replaced the cheap 90-cent AC power outlet with the Ultra Minimalist AC Outlet, the difference after about only ten hours of break-in was literally amazing! Truthfully speaking, it was as if a thick blanketed veil had been removed from my speakers and the level of musicality became much more detailed, sweeter, and shimmery. This is absolutely no joke. I could clearly hear the difference in a manner like never before. - Gábriel Prióre